v1.2 - Slots and Bulk

A few tweaks here and there to better balance the game and give it more substance:

  • Introduced Slots (FR: Emplacements) and Bulk (FR: Encombrement) mechanic to help the GM controlling how many items players can carry, and involve players with more strategic choices to make.
  • Moved Battery Life rules to its own property.
  • Renamed "parry" to "defense" to use "att." and "def." abbreviations in cards.
  • Renamed "Prothesis" (FR: Prothèses) to "Enhancement" (FR: Augmentation).
  • Updated the rules accordingly.
  • Renamed the Classes to The brute (FR: La brute), The thug (FR: Le caïd), The nerd (FR: Le cerveau) and The gambler (FR: Le tombeur).
  • Replaced Electromagnetic Grenade with Smoke Grenade.
  • Added Portable EMP and Force field to add more Technology items to the deck.
  • Rewrote the Tactical Vest to make it less powerful.
  • Renamed Tactical Grenade to Stun Grenade (in the EN version only).
  • Adjusted card quantities and rewrote some texts to make them shorter.