v1.1 - Upgrade mechanic

A lot has been changed from v1.0 to make it easier to apprehend for the players:

  • Decreased the default success value from 12 to 10.
  • Limited to 5 abilities: strength, dexterity, technology, charisma, fortune.
  • 2 classes have been removed because their abilities were too specific: Doctor and Athlete.
  • Weapons have been removed except for gun and knife to smooth the power curve, justified by the fact that discretion is required to survive Sector 5.
  • Money has been removed too, it does not add anything to the game.
  • Objects have been merged under a single cards category (previously Weapons, Equipments and Consumables). They're either looted, exchanged, or found, and are drawn from the deck instead of being distributed by the GM.
  • Skills have been removed in favor of Prothesis, which now are included in the Character creation process, also contributing to smooth the power curve by keeping only one source for abilities improvement.
  • Upgrades are replacing the Experience cards. They can be attached to either Prothesis or Objects, improving their features. This alone dramatically reduces the number of cards by creating synergy. The players are rewarded more often and are empowered with more choices in their Character evolution.
  • HP have been decreased for both Characters and NPCs. Two purposes here: create more realism and immersion, and shorten the fights to encourage a better distribution of story progression vs. fights across the scenario.
  • Rewrote the Round rules to make it more strict, forcing them to take turns individually at each round, keeping discussions under control and avoiding consensus. Consensus are sometimes essential, but often boring.
  • Introduce enemies with difficulty levels.